Our Company

West Michigan Technical Supply was created due to strong support and the rapid growth for its specialty engineered products (col headed fasteners, castings, screw machine parts, and assembled components). We recognized our clients demand for these types of products and the need for diverse product sourcing is substantial. Therefore, in an effort to put more emphasis towards our clients' specific needs we formed West Michigan Technical Supply.  In doing so, we have experienced positive feedback from our clients, and rapid growth.

West Michigan Technical Supply or WMTS was founded in Grand Rapids, Michigan by individuals who shared a vision of creating a different...better...kind of specialty engineered component distribution company. We envisioned a company in which exceptional customer and exceptional employee treatment are the standard, and one in which our smaller clients receive as much attention and service as our larger clients.

Our aim is to deliver the best products, the best service and the best value in the industry.

We base our ability to do so on the following beliefs:

  • Exceptional customer service. We understand that referrals from our satisfied customers are the best marketing tool available.
  • A positive working environment breeds a better customer experience. We work hard while having fun and that creates passion for our business.
  • Our ability to source products with long-term relationships based on trust and experience with financial stability.
  • We have ISO 9001 compliant facilities. We also have high quality approved vendors, allowing us to consistently deliver a high  quality product.
  • Our ability to benefit from facilities in the United States and lower cost structures around the world our customers receive the best value.

West Michigan Technical Supply has a goal, to give customers the best customer experience for the markets we serve. In doing so, WMTS will meet and exceed our customer expectations of highest quality, competitive pricing, and flexible customization capabilities to fit our customer needs.